where to buy wheel and tyre packages in Australia

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If there is one thing that has revolutionized the automotive industry, it’s the introduction of alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are typically lighter, better looking, and more durable than standard steel (pot metal) rims. Because of this fact, they tend to be more expensive as well – but all in all, I think you would have a difficult time arguing that they aren’t worth the money.


If you’re looking to buy alloy wheels, there are many places to get them from. I’m going to outline below some of the popular options for buying alloy wheels in Australia – both new and second-hand, so keep reading!

First of all, before we even get into online options, there is one offline place that a lot of people opt for when shopping – the wreckers! This isn’t a bad option per se, but it can be a bit hit-and-miss. Since my previous article, I’ve been to several different wreckers and seen hundreds of wheels, but they are often very worn or damaged in one way or another. While you can sometimes find quality brands for a song, all-in-all I think the wreckers are not usually the best option.


The next popular choice is to look on eBay, where there usually seem to be good deals on alloy wheels, though it can be difficult to get a really good deal on something. It seems like you either pay top dollar for wheels with low mileage or rust spots or get something very cheap that looks like they’ve been driven over by a truck! I did find some pretty good deals on eBay – but often the wheels were damaged beyond repair – the sellers didn’t seem to take proper photos or disclose damage to them. If you want something cheap, eBay is probably the way to go – but if you are looking for quality alloy wheels, I would look elsewhere…

The third option, which is one of my personal favorites since there are so many shops in Perth that sell them, is to find an alloy wheel specialist of some kind – either a tyre shop or a dedicated alloy wheel dealer. There are many of these shops around Perth and Western Australia, though most are clustered in the city of Perth itself.


My favorite place to shop wheels & tyre packages is at Elite Wheels. They have quality products, great service, and prices, and they even custom-make alloy wheels for your car! The best place to go.