Finding suitable Defibrillators in Australia

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Sudden cardiac arrests or heart attacks can take place anytime and if the person does not get medical assistance immediately, the heart attack can be fatal. While hospitals, clinics usually have one or more defibrillators available, it is important that the person suffering from a heart attack should get assistance at the earliest to save his life. With the prices of defibrillators reducing in the last few years, many companies with a larger number of employees, gyms and other organizations are interested in purchasing defibrillators. They would like to find out to buy a Defribrillators for sale in Australia, how to select the right defibrillator.


There are a wide range of defibrillators available for sale online and offline in Australia to cater to the requirement of the user. There are different modes of functioning for the defibrillators, automatic, semi automatic and manual. In the semi automatic mode, the buttons have to be pressed manually. Some models may combine automatic and manual modes of functioning. The user can choose between either mode, since some experienced professionals will prefer the manual mode for better results. Some of the most modern defibrillators use the latest technology and can be operated using audio commands. Portable defibrillators are also available.


While the basic function of the defibrillator is to deliver the electric shock to the heart, to restore it to the original state, the defibrillators available differ in the amount of shock they can deliver. The amount of energy delivered will vary from 50 joules to 360 joules though only a few defibrillators are designed to deliver higher amounts of energy. Additionally some of the more advanced defibrillators also have displays attached, which will show the ECG pattern for the patient who is being treated. The advanced models also have provision for storage of the wave forms for review and analysis.



In some of the advanced models, the defibrillator will automatically switch on when the cover is opened. The defibrillator is supplied with accessories like adult electrode pads, which have to be changed after a few years. The battery supplied also has a long life of several years. Most of the defibrillators available have a warranty for many years, typically five or seven years. In organizations, the defibrillator is usually kept in a wall cabinet fixed on the wall, so that it can be easily accessed during an emergency. No training is required to used the defibrillator, but first aid training can help get better results.