CPR Has Changed

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Royal Life Saving Western Australia has introduced some minor changes to resuscitation designed to help people remember how to perform resuscitation in an emergency. In December 2010, the Australian Resuscitation Council endorsed two changes to resuscitation.

The first change is the importance of calling an ambulance as soon as you are aware, that you have a person who is not responding. The second is the importance of starting 30 chest compressions then 2 breaths in resuscitation. Both changes help to make it easier to remember what people need to do in an emergency.

For some people it can be difficult to remember what to do in an emergency with so much going on. So these minor changes will make it easier to recall the necessary steps to perform resuscitation.

The core of resuscitation, which is repeatedly performing 30 chest compressions and two breaths, remains unchanged.

Royal Life Saving WA encourages all Australians to learn first aid, with new changes you never know who you may save.

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