Burringurrah Swim Event

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As a part of the Healthway Go for 2&5 Remote Aboriginal Communities Swimming Program, Burringurrah swimming pool hosted a pool barbecue and swim event on Sunday 27th March.

The Healthway sponsorship provides support for after school and weekend lap swimming programs and the expansion of the school based learn to swim program in 6 remote Aboriginal communities with swimming pools managed by the Royal Life Saving Society. The program involves using an incentive system to encourage local children to engage in structured swimming programs that promote physical activity and the Healthway healthy eating messages with the aim of improving the overall health status of the Aboriginal community.

The children of Burringurrah competed in mini biathlon events which included a swim leg and a run leg. The Swim and Survive swimming caps were a popular choice on the day as the kids believed that they made them swim faster! The swimmers were rewarded with goodies such as water bottles and snap bands from Healthway and a well-deserved barbecue to replenish their energy. Thanks go out to Jacqui for organising the event and taking some great photos on the day. Well done to all the swimmers that were involved!