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A Topnotch Rutland Specialist Clinic in Australia

Rutland Specialist Clinic serves the public for many years in an exemplary way. This clinic was founded by Dr. Cynthia Chen, an experienced Neurologist in Australia, The top on the line medical professionals of the clinic are delivering medical service to the public of Melbourne. The experts of the clinic are offering exclusive and quality medical care to the patients. The individual needs are attended by the physicians of the clinic on a need basis. The versatility of the clinic medical practitioners helps the patients recover very fast and comfortably.

The Rutland clinic offers a wide range of medical services for the patients who suffer from the issues of nerves, brain, and spine. The nervous system disorders are treated by the quality doctors of the clinic. The patients who are suffering from chronic migraines and headaches have administrated an injection of Botox. The patients can get the neurological consultation from the experts who are well qualified and trained at the clinic. The various services offered for Electroencephalogram and Lumbar puncture. The neurologists arrange the CT, MRI, PET, SPECT scans, and Electromyography. Detailed medical studies of the patients who suffer from neuro issues are done by the specialists at the clinic

The neurologists conduct a clear investigation of patients, diagnosis, and treatment options in a well-defined way. Each patient is well studied by following the perfect medical tests of the doctors at the clinic. The individual attention of the patients at the clinic and detailed interaction is done by the medical practitioners. The comprehensive history of the patient is recorded and the management plan is prepared after a thorough understanding of the disease of the person. The professional network and patient care of the clinic are topnotch. The patient’s health details are communicated to the family members and concerned professionals in a well-defined way. A major advantage of the patients who are undergoing treatment in the Rutland Specialist Clinic can avail of Transport Accident Commission and WorkCover cases.

The clinic supports the various tests results of the patients that are sent to the clinic well in advance. The public can access the online doctor’s online referral form and patients registration form online easily. The people can book an appointment with the clinic medical professionals online or by phone. The opening hours of the clinic are from 9 am to 5 pm, except on Saturday that is from 9- 12 noon. The clinic staff helps senior citizens and disabled people by arranging transport facilities.…

Benefits of Using Organic Hand Sanitiser Spray

Have you been wondering about the benefits of using organic hand sanitiser spray? Then the good news is that it is truly worth it to use hand sanitiser spray that is organic, as there truly are many benefits.


Organic hand sanitiser spray offers you the convenience of being able to clean our hands without water when you need a quick and efficient way to wash your hands when you cannot always access a sink, water and soap. It does not take a large amount to clean your hands. This means that the organic hand sanitiser spray will last a long time. This makes it truly worthwhile to purchase and use organic hand sanitiser spray.


Organic hand sanitiser spray is safe to use on your skin. It does not burn or chafe. It gives you peace of mind due to the fact that it does not contain any toxic ingredients, as all the ingredients are truly healthy, pure and organic. This means that you are not placing any kind of chemicals on your skin. Therefore, it is evident that organic hand sanitiser spray is even safe to use on the skin of your children. The truth is that using organic hand sanitiser spray is a quick and efficient way to clean your hands due to the fact that it actually takes less time in comparison to washing your hands with soap and water.


Organic hand sanitiser spray is great at being able to destroy harmful microorganisms that can be on your hands, such as bacteria and virus germs. Thus, using organic hand sanitiser spray is a sure way to help to protect your health. Especially during this expansive problem of the corona virus all across the world, it is wise to use organic hand sanitiser spray often in order to reduce the risk of you and your family members becoming ill.

What is plant and equipment hire services- know its benefits

As a business owner, you need to make sure that you have the right kind of equipments for undertaking all kind of large scale and dangerous tasks at the worksite. But buying all these equipment is not feasible and affordable because it is highly priced. You might have to use your capital for your purchase and this is the reason why you should consider opting for plant and equipment hire services. But before you move ahead with this option, you will need to know what is plant and equipment hire services?


Plant and equipment hire services allows you to hire all kind of tools and equipments that are needed for undertaking a wide variety of industrial tasks. This includes construction, renovation, demolition, excavation and other large scale tasks that require heavy duty equipments. But since, these tasks are needed on a temporary basis, it is preferred that you hire these equipments that buying it because it is an expensive option. You will get high quality tools and equipments for all kind of construction needs so that you will enjoy its use for getting the work completed in an efficient manner. Moreover, you can save your money for other important construction expenses instead of wasting it on the purchase of these equipments.



Plant and equipment Hire Company is known to offer a large variety of equipments at an affordable price so that you can rent anything according to your requirements. These equipments are known to meet all the demands of your business as you have the flexibility of hiring the equipment that will suit your requirements. Moreover, your business will get cutting edge technology and equipment from the company at an accessible and affordable manner. You can determine the amount of time for which you need to hire the equipments and pay only for the limited amount of time.


Comprehensive car insurance comparison website Australia- Benefits

Car insurance is a kind of policy that is used for covering your car from the financial losses that you need to face if your car is stolen or if it meets with an accident. The coverage that you get will be determined by the amount of insurance premium that you pay on a regular basis to the insurance company. There are different kinds of car insurance that you will need to consider as a car owner but to find cheap comprehensive car insurance has been specially designed for offering you financial assistance for the fault of the third party. It also pays you money for the damages caused to your car so that you will get comprehensive coverage so that you will not suffer the losses caused due to theft, collision or accident. Hence before you buy the insurance policy, you will need to make use of the comprehensive car insurance comparison website Australia.

Comparing the car insurance policies of the different companies is especially very important so that you will get the best terms and conditions of the policy. The theft losses and accidental damages to your car will be compensated by the insurance companies but for this, you will need to select the best policy according to your requirements. These comparison websites make use of the best methods for comparing the different insurance policies so that you will get the features and prices of the car insurance policy.

You should also get the quotes of the different insurance policies for your car for making sure that you will get maximum coverage at an affordable premium amount. You also have the option of purchasing car insurance online that is being sold by the insurance companies. But when comparing, you will need to take into account the terms and conditions of the car insurance so that you will get the best insurance policy.…

Paraburdoo SIDS and KIDS Fundraising Swimathon a huge success

RLSSWA recently distributed info to all Endorsed Swim Schools on behalf of a fellow charity in SIDS and Kids to participate in their Swimathon. Please see below the recent report from Dunnoma Swim School.

The SIDS and Kids Swimathon held at Paraburdoo Pool on Sunday 27th Feb was a huge success.

10 teams totalling over 100 swimmers registered from Dunnoma Swim School, Dunnoma Junior Lifeguard Club, Little Fish Swim School, Paraburdoo Primary School (who got into the spirit of the event by wearing matching red caps), Readings Raft which consisted of the eight members of the Reading family and MEM/Drill & Blast Rio Tinto team who raised over $3000.

The day was looked after by senior members of the JLC-Caleb Munro, Brendan Ferrugia, Jake Carrison and Shanae Tesling. They did a great job organising their swimmers and ensuring that each little person was safe in the water. This forms part of their requirements for JLC to display Leadership and Community Spirit.

All teams swam for the entire 4 hours. The day ended with the distribution of spot prizes.

We had such a great time and are so excited that Paraburdoo raised over $11,000 for research into SIDS. Its was exciting to see so many people having picnics, watching the swimmers and joining into the spirit of the day. We are grateful to be a part of such a caring community.

Our thanks go to Reece, Shane & Cain from Byblos for cooking the IGA sponsored BBQ Gary for allowing us to take over the pool for the day, to the businesses who provided spot prizes-Paraburdoo Health & Beauty, Paraburdoo Post Office, Muzzys Tom Price, Coles Tom Price, Joeys Nails, Taku Taylor Fitness, Tom Price Bakery, Desiree at Dunnoma Swim School, Lisa Johnston and Ashburton Shire.

Taku Taylor, Desiree Plested and Kylie Reid of Dunnoma Swim School formed the organising committee and we would like to thank the people of Paraburdoo for giving us such a wonderful day and the SIDS foundation a great amount of money.

Well done Taku and the community of Paraburdoo!…

Burringurrah Swim Event

As a part of the Healthway Go for 2&5 Remote Aboriginal Communities Swimming Program, Burringurrah swimming pool hosted a pool barbecue and swim event on Sunday 27th March.

The Healthway sponsorship provides support for after school and weekend lap swimming programs and the expansion of the school based learn to swim program in 6 remote Aboriginal communities with swimming pools managed by the Royal Life Saving Society. The program involves using an incentive system to encourage local children to engage in structured swimming programs that promote physical activity and the Healthway healthy eating messages with the aim of improving the overall health status of the Aboriginal community.

The children of Burringurrah competed in mini biathlon events which included a swim leg and a run leg. The Swim and Survive swimming caps were a popular choice on the day as the kids believed that they made them swim faster! The swimmers were rewarded with goodies such as water bottles and snap bands from Healthway and a well-deserved barbecue to replenish their energy. Thanks go out to Jacqui for organising the event and taking some great photos on the day. Well done to all the swimmers that were involved!…

CPR Has Changed

Royal Life Saving Western Australia has introduced some minor changes to resuscitation designed to help people remember how to perform resuscitation in an emergency. In December 2010, the Australian Resuscitation Council endorsed two changes to resuscitation.

The first change is the importance of calling an ambulance as soon as you are aware, that you have a person who is not responding. The second is the importance of starting 30 chest compressions then 2 breaths in resuscitation. Both changes help to make it easier to remember what people need to do in an emergency.

For some people it can be difficult to remember what to do in an emergency with so much going on. So these minor changes will make it easier to recall the necessary steps to perform resuscitation.

The core of resuscitation, which is repeatedly performing 30 chest compressions and two breaths, remains unchanged.

Royal Life Saving WA encourages all Australians to learn first aid, with new changes you never know who you may save.

Book a course now to learn the new CPR and be up to date with the changes.

Contact RLSSWA on 08 9383 8200 or visit…

Water Safety by the Book!

The Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia has launched their new childrens water safety book with the help of Steve Irons, local MP and the books character Dippy Duck. The Lynwood Ferndale playgroup hosted the event where The Adventures of Dippy Duck was read to the children by Steve Irons with Dippy Duck there to help hand out give-a-ways and interact with the kids.

The book was created to target children aged 3-5 with the Keep Watch water safety messages as a way to expand the Keep Watch program. The program has been running successfully in Western Australia for 14 years and was looking for new ways to access the target group.

The book covers water safety around the home and promotes the four Keep Watch messages, Supervision, restricting access, water familiarisation, and learning resuscitation.

Mr Irons said the Keep Watch program saved lives. WA has been seeing low toddler drowning rates, but we must stay vigilant to ensure we keep the rate as low as possible or zero.

Keep Watch Co-ordinator Katherine Celenza said it targeted children as an important strategy to expand the program. Getting children involved in their water safety is a new area for the program and hopefully Dippys messages will link in with other safety messages the kids are learning she said.

If you would like a free copy of the book please contact Katherine at Royal Life Saving WA on 9383 8200 or…

Swimmers learn to save lives

FUTURE lifesavers and lifeguards tested their skills on Saturday 12th February at the Arena Joondalup Junior Lifeguard Club Development Session.

More than 30 children took part in the annual event, which tested their current skills, and introduced new lifesaving techniques and activities.

Royal Life Saving Society community education manager Trent Hotchkin said that the recent event had been successful and children had learned life-saving skills during their swimming lessons with the club.

“Whilst we ensure the activities are great fun and offer new experiences for the children, they also have a serious outcome of educating the children in essential lifesaving skills that may one day save a life,” Mr Hotchkin said.

For further details on Junior Lifeguard Club please contact Angela Carey (08) 9383 8200 .…

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